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How to put on a cuff bangle

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Have you bought a cuff bangle and after some weeks of wear find that it's misshapen, or the cuff has broken? Read on to find out the correct way to put on and take off a cuff bangle.

Cuff bangles are a great accessory or gift as they will fit pretty much any size wrist. With a closed bangle you have to make sure that the bangle isn't too big or too small, but because a cuff has an opening, it will fit all size wrists.

To watch how to put on a cuff bangle the correct way, take a look at this video by Popnicute Jewelry. She shows how a cuff should be put on by pushing the opening into the soft part of your wrist and then turning it - and then the reverse to take it off. Don't adjust the opening by stretching the metal and pushing it open and close as this will weaken the metal and it will eventually break.

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