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How to put on a cuff bangle and get your correct size

Have you bought a cuff bangle and after some weeks of wear find that it has misshapen, or the cuff has broken? Read on to find out the correct way to put on and take off a cuff bangle.

sterling silver cuff bangle silver anniversary gift sustainable and ethical

Cuff bangles are a great as they will fit most wrist sizes With a closed bangle you have to make sure that the bangle isn't too big or too small, but because a cuff has an opening, it should fit most size wrists.

To put on a cuff without distorting the shape, it should be put on by pushing the opening into the soft part of your wrist and then turning it - and then the reverse to take it off. Don't adjust the opening by pulling it open or pushing it closed as this will weaken the metal and it will eventually break.

Watch this video to watch how to put on a cuff bangle properly.

How to get the correct bangle size

To get an accurate bangle size I will need the inside diameter. The best way to measure the internal diameter of a bangle you already have, or if you don't have one, take a small ruler with you if you're near a shop selling jewellery and ask if you can measure one that fits.

sterling silver jewellery gift made with sustainable and ethical practices

bangle size chart for sustainable and ethical silver cuff bangle jewellery gift

As all jewellery is handmade, if you would like a bangle which isn't on here, you can get in touch and I can make one to your exact size.


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