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Bottlebee jewellery is handcrafted from raw metal, which is cut by hand, shaped, filed, textured, soldered and polished.  And then the process is repeated until the piece is finished.  


I predominantly work with sterling silver and gold, which are versatile metals that work well together. 


All gold and silver is sourced locally within the UK and guaranteed to be sterling silver or gold unless otherwise stated. 


I hope you enjoy wearing your piece of jewellery for many years to come.

Handmade wedding jewellery London


Make your wedding day extra special by wearing a unique piece of Bottlebee jewellery.

Beautiful handcrafted wedding bands and bridal jewellery are available in solid gold and sterling silver.

Bottlebee jewellery makes fabulous gifts for your nearest and dearest - bridesmaids, best men, ushers, family and friends. Give a special handmade gift to those that have made your beautiful day special.

Your jewellery will be lovingly made by me, Seena.  


I started making jewellery at night after working in my day job, which is television production.


I created Bottlebee to be a one person business and I  do everything from designing jewellery, making it by hand, photographing it, managing this website and all social media, and making copious trips to the post office to ensure your piece of jewellery arrives with you safely. 

Many items can be personalised and I take commissions.  If you see something you like, but want to put your own twist on it, please get in touch with me and together we will create a beautiful piece of keepsake jewellery that can be handed down through generations.


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This is my bench, and where your jewellery is made.  Each item is made by hand so it has a personal touch and involves various tools, a collection which I have built up over the years.  There are many tools involved in making jewellery and these are just a few of them.  There is also a pendant motor, rolling mill, tumbler, solutions and lots more files, hammers and mandrels


If you want to watch how I make jewellery, please go to the Media page where all the videos are listed,