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Sustainable jewellery london

Meet Bottlebee

I am Seena, the founder and creator of Bottlebee.  I am a goldsmith who is passionate about making wearable art and have dedicated myself to creating beautiful hand-fabricated pieces.  Your jewellery will be crafted from raw metal, which is cut by hand, formed, filed, textured, soldered and polished.  


My studio is a creative space where I make each piece of jewellery, paying careful attention to detail to ensure exceptional quality.  My process involves combining traditional techniques with innovative ideas to produce unique and contemporary designs that resonate with my clients.


I love incorporating texture into my designs and take inspiration from the world around me - plants, landscapes and organic matter.  I also love the geometry of Art Deco and will create pieces which encompass this design.


I research and buy sustainable gold and silver, which are sourced from reputable suppliers within the UK and establish direct relationships with them, ensuring that the materials I use have a minimal impact on the environment and uphold fair labour standards.


I strive to minimise waste by recycling metal myself whenever possible.  I currently use packaging that can be recycled and future packaging will be FSC® and Fairtrade® certified, ensuring that my environmental footprint remains as small as possible.


I actively share my knowledge through social media, blog posts, and personal interactions.  I believe in building a strong connection with my clients, fostering a sense of trust and transparency in my jewellery making process.


I accept commissions and you can contact me directly to discuss a bespoke piece of keepsake jewellery that you can enjoy wearing for many years to come, and can be handed down through generations.

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