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Jewellery inspiration

Here are some pieces I have made to give you some inspiration of what can be made for you.  If you have seen something that is no-longer available to purchase I will be able to recreate it, or make something similar. You can get in touch with me here to discuss your commission

Why Buy Jewellery From Bottlebee

silver necklace for woman and gold necklace for woman

Sustainably Made In The UK

Bottlebee works with silver and gold that has been sourced from suppliers in the UK that are committed to sustainability and transparency.  To be more sustainable, you can have something new made from unwanted or broken jewellery as the material is already in circulation

silver ring for man

Bespoke Unique Jewellery

Buy a piece of unique jewellery that isn't mass produced and is unique to you.  Bottlebee makes timeless gifts to give to the one you love.  All jewellery is hand-crafted in London and jewellery can be customised to your individual style 

silver wedding bracelet for bride

Commissions Welcome

Bottlebee will work with you to make a meaningful and bespoke piece of jewellery that is unique to you.  Whether it is a wedding ring or a piece of jewellery to gift, together we can make something to fit your budget

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