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woman in a pink flamingo top wearing jewellery.  She is wearing a silver cocktail ring and a silver and gold necklace and a silver cuff bangle

All jewellery

Own A Bespoke Piece Of Heirloom Jewellery

All jewellery is made form recycled silver and gold.  Wherever possible silver and gold will be melted in house using excess silver and gold from other projects  If you have inherited, unwanted or broken jewellery, you can get in touch to make a new and bespoke piece of jewellery that you can wear and cherish.  

Sustainable and ethical working practices are used to make luxury jewellery and commissions are welcome.  If you see a piece of jewellery but would like it in a different size, style or metal, you can get in touch via the Contact page and I will endeavour to make you the perfect piece of jewellery. 

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